Created by musicians for musicians and instrument makers, ANIPO is designed to block the trafficking of musical instruments and to trace and return a stolen instruments to their owners.

The growth of online sales opportunities on the Internet has made it much easier to steal stolen goods. Musical instruments are valuable objects that are not easily identifiable except by their owners. They are perfect targets for trafficking. While the press reports on the thefts from stars, who is paying attention to the thousands of other musicians who are constantly being robbed?

When an instrument is identifiable everywhere, it will not be stolen anywhere.

How does ANIPO operate?
You create an account on ANIPO. You register your instrument. In case of theft, you declare it stolen.
With ANIPO, a luthier or a potential buyer can know immediately if your instrument is stolen or not. By checking it on ANIPO with its serial number or, for instruments that do not have one, by entering some specific measurements.
If your instrument is stolen, the ANIPO :

  • Recognises the instrument.
  • Indicates that it is stolen.
  • – Simultaneously emails you the GPS coordinates of where your instrument is being looked at (using the phone’s GPS), and the coordinates of the person looking at it.
  • – Displays your coordinates for the person looking at it.

ANIPO is free and always will be so.

ANIPO also means

  • • Writing the history of instruments.
  • • Archiving it in your personal space on
  • • Passing it on. The purchaser can import the instrument and all the history and photos archived by the previous owner into their own account. This history will then be locked, unmodifiable, unerasable and the new owner will start writing his own history with the instrument.

Making the return of musical instruments possible thus rendering traffic impossible.

ANIPO believes that the only way to stop the steady increase in theft is to make the resale of stolen instruments difficult enough to become too complicated and risky. The success of this objective must rely on a force at least as strong as the temptation to steal. For ANIPO, solidarity among musicians is the first solution to be implemented. Only musicians can measure the importance of the loss of a unique and irreplaceable instrument and then orchestrate the response thanks to their united community. Registering and identifying an instrument on ANIPO is free and will always be so.

For all countries, all music, all instruments

ANIPO thus brings together all musicians in a single virtual location, without borders. ANIPO offers a simple and effective solution that allows you to identify a stolen instrument in a few seconds and to put the players involved in the investigation in contact with each other. Alert, cross-checking of information, restitution. You will never be alone again.

Be responsible for the instruments of others to protect your own.