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The Cello8 Octet, to bring young talent to the stage

The Cello8 Octet, to bring young talent to the stage This ensemble of eight cellos fulfills a triple vocation:

  • To allow young talents supported or having been supported by Talents & Violon’celles to gain stage experience and visibility, by performing with a renowned musician and teacher, Raphaël Pidoux.
  • To promote the cello and the extreme richness of French violin making to the general public.
  • To transmit an exceptional repertoire in a spirit of filiation between generations.
  • To increase the notoriety of Talents & Violon’celles in order to motivate more and more patrons

Not to mention its obvious artistic vocation.

The composition of the Cello8 Octet is by nature evolving, depending on the young cellists’ curriculum, their geographical availability, and the loan of instruments from Talents & Violon’celles, in order to accompany as many young musicians as possible, while creating a group dynamic and an ambitious artistic project over time.

On January 20, 2023, on the occasion of La Folle Journée de Nantes, a first CD was released by Mirare under the title “Ode à la Nuit” with transcriptions for cello written by Roland Pidoux.

An original and attractive formation

The octet and its multiple polyphonies, halfway between a string quartet and a small string orchestra, is the ideal formation to highlight the greatest number of young cellists.

In an eight-piece formation, the theme moves from one instrument to another, creating movement and spatializing the sound. And there is a dedicated repertoire, essentially created by Roland Pidoux, father of Raphaël Pidoux and a great cellist, who has written and continues to write transcriptions (mainly of vocal works) for the Talents & Violin’celles Octet, which showcase the cello’s wide range with great talent.

This spectacular chamber ensemble arouses a great deal of curiosity and enthusiasm in the public, especially when it is led by such young and talented musicians.

Joël Rousseau, patron of the Octuor Talents & Violon’celles 
and committed music lover

Joël Rousseau, Chairman of the Strategic Council of the NGE construction group, which he founded, has been supporting the Octuor Talents & Violon’celles since 2022. He financed its first recording.

A philanthropic and altruistic private patron, he sees his patronage as an essential act of support for young people who need to be helped, whether they are future engineers or young cellists in the making. For him, “it is dramatic
in our society that young people cannot develop their talent and skills because of a lack of financial means”.

He testifies: “I immediately joined the Talents & Violon’celles project because I found in it all the values that motivate me. Putting together transmission, talent, heritage and culture is a great idea, perfectly understandable, which creates meaning and makes us passers-by. A generous benefactor of Talents & Violon’celles since 2018, he has further amplified his support by fully funding the Talents & Violon’celles Octet so that it can develop its reputation.

A knowledgeable music lover, he shares his life with the Armenian lyric artist Shushanik Karapetyan. Together, they have sponsored the construction of four cellos and four bows that will enrich the Talents & Violon’celles collection since 2019.