Frédérique Pusey

Co-founder. Secretary General, Board Member.

Frédérique Pusey has a doctorate in Social Sciences and a multidisciplinary academic background in political geography, history and communication sciences. She started her career as a journalist, then went to the other side of the mirror and became a press attachée.

After several experiences in agencies, she decided to create her own in 1994: FP&A, a consulancy agency specialised in press relations strategy and crisis communication. Committed to the defense of press freedom, Frédérique Pusey is President of SYNAP, the National Union of Press Officers and Public Relations Consultants.

Music, or rather music in its plural form, is a large part of her life. One of her most important encounters was with the Trio Wanderer in 1991: she was their press officer for several years and their faithful friend.

With the support of volunteer musicians, she also organises concerts in support of the association Un lieu pour l’Utopie, which helps people in great difficulty (battered women, former drug addicts, etc.).