Joël Rousseau et Shushanik Karapetyan

Building tomorrow’s world

Joël Rousseau, Chairman of the Strategic Council of the NGE construction group, a philanthropic and altruistic private sponsor, sees his sponsorship approach as an essential act of support for deserving young people, whether they are future engineers from Centrale Paris or Casablanca, or young up-and-coming cellists from Talents & Violon’celles: “It is a tragedy in our society that young people are prevented from developing their talent and skills due to a lack of financial resources. » He is also an avid music lover and has been a donor to AROP and a patron of the composer Jacques Lénot for more than 20 years. He shares his life with Shushanik Karapetyan, an Armenian opera singer who herself has experienced the difficulty of devoting herself to her passion when her family environment does not allow it. A talented entrepreneur, he defines his mission as a builder as an act of responsibility in the passing on of the land we are shaping for our children and our children’s children. “I was immediately at one with the Talents & Violin’celles project because I found in it all the values that motivate me. It’s a great idea, perfectly clear, which creates meaning. Bringing together passing on/sharing, talent, heritage and culture, we have a duty to pass on ou »r heritage, says Joël Rousseau, for whom love and an outstretched hand precede a performance, which logically follows, allowing us to rediscover our humanity.