Caroline Rosoor

For more than a century, the Rosoor family has been a family of cellists. Caroline Rosoor and her brothers have chosen to lend two instruments to Talents & Violin’celles, she vouches.

“My grandfather Louis Rosoor and my father Jean-Louis Rosoor passed on this passion for music to us. My brothers and I probably memorised the six suites of Johann Sebastian Bach before we even learned to read. The instruments were hung on their hooks in the living room and my brother Lucas started early on a viola that was transformed into a cello. So cellos were at the heart of our family life.

My musical path was quickly traced with piano and cello studies in Bordeaux and Paris on the one hand and university studies on the other. This double high-level career allowed me to teach and conduct research activities at the newly created Cité de la Musique in the Parc de la Villette. Then, in November 2000, I wanted to return to my teaching activity within initial training by choosing to direct a conservatory.

After the death of our father, my brothers and I decided to lend two of his cellos to musicians in higher education. We entrusted these two beautiful instruments to Talents & Violon’celles because it is the link between studies and professionalisation. We wanted to contribute to helping young cellists during this important and yet so unstable stage.