Claude Foulard

The cello has been part of Claude Foulard’s life since 1946. He was seven years old and began his apprenticeship in Lyon and then in Grenoble. In 1951, his parents bought him a second-hand cello, which had not yet been recognised as a Marc Laberte of 1920. The baccalaureate was fast approaching, and then further education, the young man then abandoned his instrument which would remain silent for 45 years. Claude Foulard became a university professor in Control engineering and participated in the creation of the teaching of this discipline in France. He was, in particular, a professor at Centrale Lyon, director of one of the    engineering schools in Grenoble, creator of the scientific and technical committee of the Rhône-Alpes Industrial Automation Pole, and author of numerous books… an overflowing activity that did not leave much room for the playing the cello !

When he reached retirement age, his encounter with the Orchestre Régional du Dauphiné, an amateur orchestra led by two professionals, motivated him to work again. He worked hard to join the orchestra in 2001 with his cello. Judging that he was not in a position to get the best out of it, he commissioned a modern cello from the luthier François Varcin.

What to do with your old instrument ? The idea of loaning his cello came about in 2007 when Claude Foulard met a young trio of promising musicians from Grenoble… Joseph, Justine and Victor Métral. He decided to entrust his cello to Justine*, 13 years old… who played it for 6 months. It would then be lent to other cellists who didn’t have an instrument. In 2017, Claude Foulard met Raphaël Pidoux at Violoncellenseine and decided to entrust T&V with the management and loan of his instrument, full of memories, so that it could benefit many young talents.

* By chance, Justine Métral was one of the first beneficiaries of a Talents & Violon’celles loan in 2013.