Michel Schouman

Michel Schouman grew up in the shadow of his mother’s piano, in a family of musicians where it was compulsory to have the baccalaureate and a professional level at the age of 18, playing at least two instruments. For him, it was the piano and the viola, included in a very complete musical education. He hesitated for a long time between music and surgery, and finally chose surgery. After a busy professional life, he reduced his activity to consulting but wished to remain active. That is why he created with Thierry Petit an insurance brokerage company, Trigone Assurances, which is also an artistic sponsor.

Always passionate about music, Michel Schouman plays the viola in a string quartet, plays the piano to accompany singers and conducts orchestras with amateur groups. A mutual friend introduced him to François-Xavier Anscutter, president of Talents & Violin’ celles, and he was won over by T&V’s vocation, and decided to help by opening his address book to him. Then the idea came to him to commission a viola in order to lend it to a young talent, under the responsibility of Talents & Violon’celles. Trigone Assurances financed the construction of the instrument, which would be made by the young Parisian violin maker Francesco Coquoz in 2021.