Created in 1959 by five musicians, La Société de Perception et de Distribution des Droits des Artistes-Interprètes (SPEDIDAM) has been working since then for the recognition of “performers’ rights », similar to those granted two centuries ago by the French Revolution to authors/performers
On December 3, 2012, SPEDIDAM enthusiastically embarked on the Talents & Violon’celles adventure by acquiring a magnificent cello created for the occasion by luthier Jean-Louis Prochasson (based on the Stradivarius “Christani” 1700 model).
This superb instrument, inaugurated during the Cello Days in December 2012, at the CRR in Paris, was lent to the young talent Adrien Bellom and then to Auguste Rahon and Bo-Geun Park.
Today, this wonderful adventure continues in the hands of the young and no less talented Luis Gonzalez, thanks to François Lubrano, Jean-Louis Bazin, Remi Brey and the entire SPEDIDAM team.
In this way, Talents et Violoncelles, supported by the SPEDIDAM, can continue its mission to give the virtuosos of tomorrow the opportunity to play on a cello of great quality.